Can I have car insurance without a license?

Buying a car insurance policy when you do not have a valid driving license may seem pointless. After all, the only reason a driver needs car insurance is to have a valid driving license. Can I have car insurance without a license? 

You can, and maybe you should have, car insurance if you do not have a valid driving license, although in many cases finding an insurer who would provide insurance without a driving license will not be an easy task. One of the first things an insurance company will need when you ask for a policy is your driving license number, and if you don’t have one, it can be quite confusing for both you and you.

Choose a main driver other than you

The main driver of the vehicle should be someone very close to you, a relative or spouse is a good start. Of course, you don’t want to give your vehicle keys to everyone.

It is assumed that you would not insure the vehicle without the intention of someone driving it. If you inform the insurance agent that you do not have a license and want to insure your car; you have been told that this is not possible. This is the standard procedure for verifying your driving license before issuing an insurance policy.

Never lie, disclose the truth or disclose information to an insurance agent. You are preparing for the future rejection of your claim. What is the point of paying for insurance if it is not important at the most needed moment? Be honest with the agent and ask for suggestions if they are unable to help you.

Can I have car insurance without a license?

Become an excluded driver

The excluded driver is a person in your home who has been explicitly removed from the car insurance policy. This can be done by the policyholder or insurer. There are many reasons why policyholders or insurance companies can take this into account, but it usually comes down to one simple word: risk. Find out below what circumstances may lead you to consider excluding a driver from your car insurance policy.

Parked car insurance

To pay for potential damage to a stored car that will not be driven, one option is to take out parked car insurance, also known as a comprehensive insurance policy. These policies only provide comprehensive insurance that covers damage that may occur when the car is being stored and not driven. The policy would cover the following risks.

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects

A car insurer is unlikely to require a driving license for parked car insurance because the insured vehicle will not be driven at all. In addition, this type of policy is a good option because it is cheaper than typical auto insurance policies, which include liability insurance.

How to buy a car without a driving license

As with buying car insurance, you do not need a driving license to buy a car; however, you cannot test the vehicle or leave the vehicle without a driving license. And while this may be allowed, you usually won’t have a hard time finding a car dealer that offers financing if you don’t have a license. You will probably have more luck at your local bank, which does not require a license for this type of loan.



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