If you’ve suffered from insomnia before, you already know that this can be horrifying. Insomnia is an irony by itself, since it makes you feel so exhausted and still makes you to stay awake. This has much to do with the fact that your body’s clock doesn’t match with your hormone levels and your natural rhythms.

However, most of the time there’re other factors at play: these could include digestive issues, worry, stress, high emotions, stimulants, or even a distracting noise. Our mind and body struggle to process this, therefore, sleeping becomes tricky.

So, when it gets a bit hard to switch it off, it would be better of to have a back-up strategy with you. There’re very many options listed below for you to try out during this situation.

  • Pretend to be Tired

This is one way to fall asleep quick, pretending to be tired. You do this by tricking your brain to think that you’re tired out. Pay attention to the types of things that you would be feeling if you were exhausted such as the room darkening, the feeling of sinking into your bed, or even the sensation of drooping eyes. Before you even realize it, you’ll be experiencing them.

  • Listen to Music

Alright, this doesn’t mean you should go rocking a whole intense album, but some simple, soft, acoustic might ideal for getting you to fall asleep. Actually, research done in the recent past shows that listening to soft music such as yoga music can not only improve your sleep, but also improve on your health.

  • Stretch

You can perform this sleep trick without having to get out of your bed. Place your legs up against the wall so as to relax your central nervous system, or you could try to do the child’s pose or the happy baby pose in order to calm your body. You can also do a few arm and light leg exercises and movements on your back so as to help release excess tension.

  • Try a Breathing Exercise

According to research done by various scientists, concentrating on your breathing minimizes your blood pressure and heart rate, which is important for sleepiness. A sleeping technique you could possibly try is: breathe in for about four seconds, hold your breath for approximately seven seconds, then exhale for around eight seconds. Repeat the whole process and soon you’ll be in a calm state, good to fall asleep.

  • Adjust Your Temperature

Each and every person has their ideal sleeping environment. Even though you might not be able to control entirely the cooling and heating system in your home, you have the ability to control your body. So, do what’s necessary to reduce your body’s temperature when it’s hot and whatever it takes to increase your temperature when it’s cold. Scientist say that the best sleeping temperature for your environment is 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, so better aim for that.

  • Focus on One Thing

When we were little, some of us were told to try counting sheep before sleeping. Well, concentrating on a certain thing could be the exact thing that you require to get sleepy. You can concentrate on your breathing, you can say a calming mantra over and over in your head-anything but the thought that you can’t sleep.

  • Think Positive

As easy as it sounds, this is one proven way to help you get a nice sleep. Science proves that getting rid of the negative thoughts in your brain relaxes your body and improves the chances of you falling asleep.

These tips will surely help you in a way to fight insomnia. Do any of them to get your sweet dreams.


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