Your wedding bouquet is what you hold tightly when you walk down the aisle and say your vows.  It is a beautiful part of an extraordinary moment. 

While the flowers in your bouquet will eventually fade, you may choose to order your bouquet with roots.  A small plant is integrated into your bouquet.  Its roots will be secured in moist soil and hidden among the stems your bouquet.  The leaves of the plant will be a subtle but poignant element of the design.  After your wedding the plant can be removed from the bouquet and planted.

Roots can be added to other aspects of the ceremony as well.  For example, using trees as the structural backdrop for the ceremony.  We add flowers to the base of the trees to elegantly hide the containers.  The trees can be planted at your new home after the ceremony.

Our wish is that these plants’ roots grow deep and strong in the place you put down roots and now call home. 

Please let us know if your interested in learning more about "with roots" in your wedding consultation.