WS Women Connect...getting excited!

I am starting to really brainstorm about my booth for the upcoming Winston-Salem Women Connect booth.  This will be the first show I am involved in that is not a wedding show.  Although I love providing flowers for weddings...I am excited about diversifying.  I am thinking along the lines of catering to large parties (especially if it has a theme - those are always fun) or maybe even showing some easy design tips.  I am supposed to be doing a demonstration at the booth - I seriously need to brainstorm about that.  Overall, I am just really excited about being a part of something special...women in W-S that have taken the plunge and started off on the adventure of owning their own feels good!  The show is February 26, 2011 from 10-4:00 at the Broyhill Conference Center in Clemmons - come out and support the women in our community!