Woodland Inspiration


Today I am " in the studio with Liz" and I get to make any design I can dream up for our photo shoot.  The one thing I have been itching to do since this summer is a woodland design.  

Last June I attended an amazing workshop - the instructor was Francoise Weeks.  In a nutshell, she is the master of woodland design!  In 2 days I learned so much from her and she inspired me to continue to experiment with woodland design.  I made several woodland creations during the workshop including a woodland bride bouquet - this is probably one of my favorite creations!  


To prepare for the photo shoot I went foraging on our family property with my eleven year old daughter.  It was a very cold day so we bundled up and went for a hike.  This is my sweet Bella (future artist and maybe floral designer!).

We found mossy sticks, pine cones, assorted pods, reindeer moss, and so on.  It was a blast! These are some of the goodies we collected...

Stay tuned for images of what I created after this woodland journey.  I can't wait to share how Liz Nemeth captures it...she is amazing!