What is a Flower Clinic at the Winston-Salem Flower School?


One type of program I offer at the WS/FS is called a flower clinic.  This is my relatively new and random idea…and I kind of love it.

What is a flower clinic?  A flower clinic is a program at the WS/FS that uses flowers to give back to our city. I know, this is kind of vague.  I wanted the concept to be sort of vague in hopes of finding different avenues to use my studio, skills, and resources to give back.

The WS/FS will host flower clinics quarterly. A flower clinic could be...

...centerpieces for a fundraiser.  I would work with an organization to find out what they need and then come up with a game plan.  The twist is that the organizations' volunteers would need to come to the studio and help design, load, and deliver all the flowers. They would have access to my skills, creativity, tools, vessels, and vans.  The goal with this plan is to reduce the labor I would have to provide so I can do more - plus, it gets more people in the studio learning about floral design!

…designing flowers to spread some joy.  Our first flower clinic was with the Augsburg Youth Group.  The youth group came to my studio and designed bouquets for The Lonely Bouquet Project.  I provided a quick and easy demonstration on how to make the bouquets and then set them loose.  I had a bunch of leftover blooms from an event the day before that otherwise would have been tossed.  They used these flowers and some extras to create cheerful bouquets.   After the bouquets were made they split up into groups and left the bouquets (with adopt me tags) around Winston-Salem for people to find.  I loved watching all the kids design and hearing about all the places they decided to place their bouquets.  It was so cool!  Images from this flower clinic are below.

Have an idea for a flower clinic?  Call me 336-287-3459 to check on availability and make a plan!


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