Want to see something new when it comes to wedding flowers?

I put in my flower order for the bridal show.  This is always a fun order because it is a chance to try anything I want!  It is a time to test out a new flower variety, color scheme, style, etc.  It is even a time to try out a new grower/wholesaler!  When it comes to flowers for a wedding, I don't want to take too many risks.  I want to know for certain that what I order is what I am going to get to work with!  With that being said...I am trying out one new flower source and a few new varieties!  Check out this flower...

It is called Ornithogalum dubium.  I love the vibrant orange color with black center...should be interesting!

I will be at the Bridal Show this Saturday at the Benton Convention in Winston-Salem - come see flowers that are a little different from what you see in most florists.  Don't you want the flowers in your wedding to stand out and be a little different?!?!? 

More details about the show at www.33bride.com