Underneath the Mistletoe at Old Town Club

Last year it was "A Partridge in a Pear Tree"...this year we had fun with the theme "Underneath the Mistletoe"!  It is always exciting coming up with a new idea for the Old Town Club holiday dance!  Not only do I have the opportunity to collaborate with the very creative and open-minded Jeana McLean (Social Director for the club), but the whole staff is wonderful to work with. Right from the start guests were under the mistletoe!  We decorated the entrance with snowy branches, holiday greens, and lights and then hung a large bunch of fresh mistletoe from the top.

The centerpieces were a mix of low and tall designs, each adorned with a piece of fresh mistletoe fastened with a traditional red grosgrain ribbon and illuminated with a small LED light.  Pine, cedar, juniper and variegated holly were used along with red tulips, leaudendron, and snowballs made of white button mums.

I imagine the whole room shimmered in the evening as each design was dusted with snow, brightened with lights in the branches, and surrounded by white milk glass votives.  I only saw it in the daylight, but I can imagine all of its loveliness that evening.  Thank you Old Town Club for the opportunity to brighten your holiday dance!

Happy Holidays! ~amy