Thoughtful Floral Designs, More is Not Always Better

In my experience, big, full arrangements with a high stem count are easy to design.  It doesn’t take a skilled designer to wow an audience with huge containers crammed with lots of flowers.  While it will take more time and money to go big, it requires a lot more knowledge and experience to create smaller, more thoughtful designs. How do you get the WOW factor with smaller more thoughtful designs?  This is when true design expertise and years of experience shine. A thoughtful floral design happens when the bend of each stem as well as the size/color/texture of each bloom matters.  It is when a designer is forced to really think about depth, line, and negative space versus just filling a vessel with lots of pretty stems.

Now, I’m not going to lie; like most designers, I love to go big.  I enjoy having access to tons of blooms and the opportunity to create a jaw-dropping arrangement with loads of product spilling out.  However, I also love a design challenge.   I truly enjoy creating something that I have to really think through because this is when all my years in the trenches pay off.  Since the young age of sixteen I have worked under many different designers learning, growing, and developing my craft.  When I am given an opportunity to tap into my extended understanding of floral design I truly feel creatively fulfilled.

Sometimes these design challenges come in the form of weddings or corporate jobs.  However, I don’t like to just wait for something to come to me.  When I’m feeling the need to push boundaries I love to collaborate with my dear friend and photographer Liz Nemeth.  She’s a fellow daring creative and we love to brainstorm off the wall ideas that I can design and she can photograph.  Check out some of my favorite images from our collaborations, which I think are great examples of thoughtful designs where less is more.  Check back in next week when I will talk about a recent large corporate job that required lots of smaller, intentional designs in a wide assortment of gorgeous containers.