Thanks Skirt! It was fun.

It was such an honor to be featured in the June issue of Skirt! Not only did I love the article, but I had the experience of interviewing with Sara Wilson, the editor of the magazine. The whole process felt more like chatting with a good friend than a formal interview. In fact, when it was over I was left wondering what on earth she could write about … all I did was gab along about my business. I think that is a sign of a talented interviewer.  After the interview was the photo shoot. Anyone who knows me well would recognize that this was way out of my comfort zone! It is so hard for me to relax when looking at a camera lens. Sara was able to turn my discomfort into an interesting shot. I love the way red in the flowers were accented by the red door, that my sign was in the shot, that I was looking more thoughtful about the flowers then uncomfortable, that my casual nature came through with curling toes in my flip-flops! She captured it all.

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