Still Life Inspired Photo Shoot

This was a very special photo shoot for me. I am now totally hooked on studying artwork for design inspiration.  It is not an easy task to translate something from a canvas to a fresh design.  I was intrigued and super jazzed to try it.  

To prepare for this shoot I studied artwork by Rachel Ruysch and Severin Roesen.  I was amazed at the detail in each painting.  The use of food, wine, and even insects along with the florals was so interesting.  

Michelle with Michelle Wright Events did a beautiful job with styling.  While I created the actual floral designs…she worked her styling magic. Her thoughtful placement of props made the images truly look like works of art.  

As for the photography, I can't say enough good things about Live View Studios.  How they used different lighting…different backgrounds…different angles… and so on blew me away.  Brent's mad photography skills truly made the designs look like paintings!  

More information and images about this photo shoot can be found on Cottage Hill Magazine.