So Happy to be a Chapel Designer


This blog post is so overdue it makes me crazy.  I've wanted to write this for so long.  Now that I am in the throws of wedding season it almost seems odd that I am writing about being a Chapel Designer.  However, the timing is actually perfect since I am surrounded by CD support!

What is a Chapel Designer?  My answer to this question amazing family of flower friends!   One could call it a network or peer group, but to me that seems ridiculously formal and impersonal (and that is the exact opposite of the CDs).  

Let me paint a picture.  Whether I need support in my work or personal life, the CDs are there.  It's like having another whole family cheering me on!  What is even more amazing is that this family has the same floral struggles, joys, emergencies, and successes that I do.  If my work gets published, the CDs are the first to congratulate.  If I can't find a particular vessel or I am unsure about some mechanics, the CDs are right there with advice. 

I have been designing flowers for almost 25 years.  Yes, I am over 40 and I started at age 16 (my very first job).  Floral design/horticulture is all I do and all I want to do. I love it with every bit of my soul.  To now have 100+ friends that I am connected with that feel the same way is exhilarating!  

I am so blessed to be a CD.  I am so grateful to Holly Chapple for creating something so amazing.  

Below are some highlights from my Chapel Designer experience.  


Designing and learning in Holly Chapple's studio (meeting Holly for the first time!)
Designing and learning from Francois Weeks (she introduced me to the amazing world of woodland designing)
Spending 4 days with CDS in NYC!!!!  I met David Beahm, Jes Gordon, Sean Lowe, Amy McGee, Debra Prinzing and so many more inspiring people.
Designed for The Knot Dream Wedding this past April with other CDs.
Oh, I could go on and on!  Enjoy the images!

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