Putting Down Roots in West End - Part I

It is hard to contain my excitement.  I have officially "put down roots"!  This is my 5th location for ALO and final resting spot!  I love this building and I love this location.  I feel it in my bones that this is where I am supposed to land!

So, after I signed all the paperwork and got the keys - we went to work.  When you have a vision for a space you often times have to make a big mess to get to where you want to be.  We made a HUGE mess! We ripped out the lattice on the ceiling, shutters across the front windows, and all the flooring. The result is gorgeous exposed beams on the ceiling, a very fun orange swirled floor (my creamsicle floor!), lots of natural light, and a very full dumpster!  Check out what we are doing and be sure to follow along at #aloinWestEnd to watch us get settled in. Putting down roots is messy, but loads of fun!

While it will take some time to get totally settled in, we are up and running.  In fact, the walk-in cooler is chilling my flowers right now and I will be designing for a wedding this weekend.  We are ready to roll!  

Happy Fourth of July!