Partridge in a Pear Tree Party!

We were thrilled to design the centerpieces for the Old Town Club Holiday Party on December 9, 2011. The partridge in a pear tree theme was so much fun, and the black, white, green, and silver color scheme was a departure from the usual holiday red.

In creating the centerpieces, we played off the circular pattern on the linen and came up with the circle design to create the tree. Then many pears were spray-painted black and silver.

In order to create these gigantic “trees,” most of the work was done at our off-site workshop.

Each tree had a black silhouette of a partridge that sparkled with black glitter. The rings on the trees were suspended with fishing line to give the appearance they were floating. Fresh pine garland was used as the base on the rings. Bells of Ireland, green dendrobian orchids, green buttons, green spider mums and plumosa fern were the other fresh materials used.

The finishing touch: Napkin rings made out of black flat wire, black glitter paper leaves and a green button mum.

We hope you've been inspired to create your own holiday masterpiece!