Our Fun and Non-Traditional Valentine's Day


Our first Valentine’s Day at our new storefront was fun because we took a fresh approach to this (what I consider) fluffy holiday.  I have worked in many retail locations throughout my design career and therefore have experienced the craziness of Valentine’s Day firsthand.  Because I get so disenchanted with the mass production of the same thing … like a dozen red roses … I decided to put my own twist on the holiday.   I started by deciding that I was not going to do anything mainstream.  I picked two different more modern designs.  I then met with our awesome neighbor Haute Chocolate  and incorporated 4-count boxes of their hand-crafted chocolates into one of our specials.  I struggled not to eat all of them before they were sold, however I did do some sampling.  Okay, a lot of sampling!  

This is what we offered:

As the big day approached I started really thinking about the varieties of flowers I wanted to use.  Even though roses are the flower mostly associated with the holiday – I avoided them.  I picked long-lasting blooms mixed with a variety of different greeneries and even some berries (i.e. hypericum, berzillia).  I even had some fun with looping grasses!

I will have to say, I was impressed with my attitude about the holiday.  I think that because I went with something more eclectic I was excited.  Check me out as I am approaching the truck to retrieve my Valentine’s Day blooms.  I look almost giddy!

I spent a lot of time on the truck picking out some extras and closely checking out the product I ordered.  Valentine’s Day is such a huge day for the floral industry so I have learned to be cautious.

Overall, it was a sweet holiday.  I look forward to next year and have already decided to trust my instincts and not follow what is traditionally done.  It is ok to be different!

Images by Slogan