No Vase Required - In the Studio with Liz

One of my favorite new pastimes is hanging out in the Nemeth Photography Studio.  Liz Nemeth is not only an amazing still life photographer, but also a source of inspiration and motivation (who doesn't need a motivator in their life!).  We have collaborated several times over the last year doing photo shoots.  Each shoot has no set plan…it is just an occasion to do ANYTHING we want.  How cool is that…to have an idea, test it out, and then have amazing documentation of the process.  We both embrace the unusual, which makes it pure fun.  

One of our latest collaborations resulted in using an eggplant as the vessel for a design.  I love the deep purple hue of an eggplant and its glossy and almost reflective skin.  This was the first time I used an eggplant as a vessel and did not really have a clear plan about the mechanics.   This is what I discovered:

-eggplants hold water easily when part of the flesh is carved out
-the flesh can act as a kind of foam…I inserted woody stems directly into it!  
-water tubes are perfect as a water source for fleshy stems and they were easily inserted into the eggplant flesh too
-it is important to find a flat spot on the eggplant before starting - they tend to roll!

Below is the final product along with images of the steps.  I love how Liz shot not only the final product so beautifully, but also the steps and materials.  Give it a try - and then enjoy your design while eating eggplant parmesan for dinner! 

Stay tuned for more images that come from my visits to the Nemeth Photography Studio.  This will be a series, so follow along.  There will be all types of styles and designs - things I have not tried but that are swimming around in my head.  I think that finding the time to do this and really create for the sake of creating will make me a better (and happier) designer!