Living Logo - with Liz Nemeth Photography


Liz Nemeth, a still-life photographer (and dear friend!) approached me with an idea.  In fact, she sent her idea in the form of an email and the subject read "Ok, I've got an awesome idea".  Clearly I was intrigued!   She asked if I wanted to make a living version of my logo. My first Let me preface this by saying a I LOVE my logo.  My amazing sister Betsy Causey created my logo when I began Amy Lynne Originals back in 2007.  It has stuck with me ever since.  When I had my website overhauled in 2010  the one thing I made clear to the web designers was that I loved my logo, did not want to change anything about it, and wanted to see it everywhere.  So, when Liz mentioned a living logo I was immediatly onboard.

My logo consists of a white background and a side profile of a single gerbera daisy.

Here it is in it's digital form...

I created a live backdrop by attaching white flowers (hydrangea, garden roses, spider mums, carnations) to a styrofoam board.  The single gerbera stem was placed in front and viola..the living form...LOVE!

Thank you Liz for the amazing idea and your mad photography skills.  I already ordered some new business cards with this image on the back!