Inspired by Garden Clubs

I often get asked, “What inspires you?”  Many times it is something visual like a fabric pattern or an interesting color combination.  However, my most recent source of inspiration came from people.

I hosted two different garden clubs in my studio over the past week.  Each group consisted of about thirty extremely gracious and kind women.  They all walked into my studio with an open mind eager to listen to my presentation.  What happened next?

They asked interesting questions.
They made thought-provoking observations.
They were genuinely interested in me, my business, and my design techniques and ideas. 

How could I not feel inspired?  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Being surrounded by all these women reminded me of the power of personal interactions.  So often I dream and create in the confines of my studio – that is just the way I typically roll.   When I need a boost of inspiration I am going to reflect back on this experience!

What else was amazing about these clubs?  I got so many hugs, so many well wishes, thank you notes, and words of encouragement.  One particular note said:

“Your enthusiasm and experience along with your amazing creativity sparked us all into action.  We are motivated, rather than overwhelmed, to jump into decorating for the holiday season”. 

How cool is that?!?! 

Another sweet lady emailed me a picture of a wreath she made using the techniques from my presentation.

Love it.

So, what have a learned?  That joining together and passing along creative techniques does not only inspire the audience, but also the speaker

Many thanks Evergreen Garden Club and Little Greens Garden Club for your inspiration!