In the Studio with Liz - Woodland Designs

Last week I met with photog Liz Nemeth at her studio with my woodland designs.  To prepare for the shoot I spread out the following ingredients on my workspace to design with:

Woodland goodies I collected on a hike with my daughter (moss, pinecones, sticks, etc.)
An old picture frame with the glass removed
A piece of birch and a small stump I kept from a past event
2 bunches of red tulips purchased from a local grower

I created a "woodland wreath" - even though it does not resemble a wreath it would be fabulous hanging on a door!  I also made a small matching design inside a piece of wood.  I used lots of floral adhesive (sticky fingers!), zip ties, and deconstructed some of the tulips to create open blooms (I learned from the best...Francoise Weeks!).

Enjoy these amazing images by Liz.  I LOVE how she captured all the small details (did I mention she just got a new 100mm macro lens!).