Floral Designs at The High Point Furniture Market

In my blog last week I talked about my appreciation of design challenges, especially when they require a more thoughtful and distinct approach.  This week I wanted to go into more detail about a rather large project I tackled this past spring .  In April I was hired by Cyan Designs, a home decor company based in Fort Worth, Texas, to do the floral designs and installations for their showroom at the High Point International Furniture Market.  Cyan is known for their vibrant and unique decorative objects that span the color spectrum and are meant to make a statement in any setting.   Their showroom consisted of fifteen rooms filled with beautiful and edgy home furnishings.  Each room was different – different colors and a different vibe.  We had to dream up several designs and/or botanical accents for each room that was consistent with the unique feel of that particular space.  The florals had to highlight, not distract, from the products.  We wanted market visitors and buyers to recognize both the beauty and the function of each object and how it would translate into their own space.  To add to the design challenge, all of the florals had to fade gracefully over the duration of market and we had to do all the design and installation on site in High Point.  Lets just say it took a lot of thought and planning!  Over the course of two days our team put in over fifty man hours on this job and we loved every minute of it.

Unlike most special events, and especially weddings, this experience was not about the wow factor.  This was the true essence of thoughtful floral design.  There were so many things to consider as we planned and executed this challenge- color palette, traffic flow, lighting, sight lines, and even the mood of each room.  It was also exciting to use such a wide assortment of containers.  We loved designing in tall O-shaped vases, wide low metal bowls, and beautiful glass pieces with small nooks and crannies on the side just calling for an orchid bloom or pop of moss.

I loved working on this corporate job for Cyan Design for two reasons. First, it took me out of my comfort zone and really challenged our entire team due to the scope and complexity of the project. Secondly, it introduced me to this unique company that creates “beautiful objects for beautiful lives”.  I've already got my sights set on some of their vases and candle holders and one show stopper of an orange glass chandelier.  I loved every minute of this experience and hope to have the opportunity to do it again!   ~Amy