Design With Me


I don’t craft.  Often friends ask if I do the best crafts with my kids because of my creative background…this is not the case!  They are exposed to art/design through my work and other avenues, but when it comes to “crafting” it just doesn’t happen in my house.  I think that is because that creative itch is already taken care of through my work.  I design for others…I design for photo shoots…I sometimes design just for me.  I dream about designs.  So, I don’t craft.  

However, I know there are many people that do “craft” to fulfill that creative itch.  Maybe it’s painting, cooking, or even scrapbooking.  So, I am throwing it out there…why not floral design? 

Flowers have a way of making you smile even when you are not happy.  They lift the spirit effortlessly.  They are everywhere – in your yard or at the grocery store. 

Have you ever grabbed a bouquet at the grocery store completely unexpectedly just because it caught your eye?  I love it when this happens.  There is a local grower that sells the most beautiful tuberoses each season to Whole Foods down the street.  I can’t resist – I buy a bunch every time!

If you love flowers the way I do, I encourage you to sign up for one of my hands-on workshops.  It is a completely relaxed environment. This is not a classroom setting where I tell you what to do.  My workshops offer an opportunity to learn design techniques that I have gathered through my years of experience and then we ALL create.  I just want to share what I know and then design – that is it.    

Please join me sometime and design in my studio.  You will walk away with a creation YOU designed to take home and enjoy and hopefully a desire to continue designing.  You can ask as many questions as you want – I am one of those souls that loves to share what I know. 

You can register for workshops on my website or email me if you would like to receive notifications about future classes.  I am offering 2 classes right now - design basics and BYOC (Bring Your Own Container).  

Come on…sign up…you will be inspired and your love of flowers will grow! 


Image by Liz Nemeth  Photography