Bright and Bold Wedding at Graylyn


I knew the floral designs for this wedding were going to be fun from the get go!  When Caroline filled out my online inquiry form she entered "do I have to have one" when asked for the color palette.  She wanted summer flowers that were bold and bright!  I was thrilled to have so much freedom with flower and color selection - it was just plain fun to place her flower orders! I remember being on an emotional roller coaster ride when the flowers arrived.  My first reaction was WOW.  A little later I got nervous that it would not come together, seriously...I had every color in the rainbow in my studio.  After I started designing and made Caroline's bouquet I completely relaxed.  I knew right then it would not only come together, but would be fabulous!  I was over the moon when images arrived from Anna Routh Photography - they are amazing!

Check out Caroline's bouquet...

Hodgin_Ceremony_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0026And the bridesmaids...

Hodgin_Ceremony_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0036Hodgin_Ceremony_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0038It was not a very pretty day - lots of rain.  This did not phase Caroline's sunny demeanor!  She asked me to proceed and decorate the outdoor gazebo in the white garden regardless of the weather.  Designing in the rain was a first for me, it makes it an event I will always remember!  Here is the very wet, but pretty gazebo...

Hodgin_Ceremony_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0070Probably one of the most interesting things about the florals was that everything was different - everything!  Each bridesmaid's halo was a little different...each boutonniere was a little different...each centerpiece was a little different.  Again, fun design work!

Hodgin_FF_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0063Hodgin_Ceremony_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0040Hodgin_Reception_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0179Hodgin_Reception_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0042Hodgin_Reception_ANNAROUTHPHOTOGRAPHY_0081Congratulations to Caroline + may have rained, but it was still a colorful and bright day!

Warmly, Amy

Floral Design by me - Amy Lynne Originals Photography:  Anna Routh Photography Venue: Graylyn