Bridal Show - Benton Convention Center, January 2011

I met so many wonderful brides-to-be this past Saturday at the Bridal Show in Winston-Salem.  I had a lot of fun with my booth this time.  Probably my favorite addition was using an old vintage door (found in my basement!) to display bouts.  In the past the bouts always get lost on the table...kind of tossed aside.  They seem to get overshadowed by the bouquets.  This time I mounted each one on one of the window panes in the door.  The effect was fun...and the bouts got a lot more attention! Another fun element in the booth were the white dyi yarn balls I hung in the back.  They looked super cool against the black backdrop, were kind of whimsical, and very eye-catching!  I was a little outside the box on the bouquets too.  Check them out.

Also, I huge thanks to Lisa with Simply Southern Photography.  She took ALL the pictures and made my designs look awesome!!!