Amazing Workshop with Holly Chapple and Francoise Weeks

One of the best decisions that I made this spring was to attend a workshop hosted by Holly Chapple at her studio in Virginia.  I wanted so much to visit NY with Holly and the other Chapel Designers the past few years, but could not seem to make it work.  When I saw this 2-day workshop on The Full Bouquet I jumped at the chance (and I am not kidding when I say jumped at the chance...I signed up immediately!). I have been so blessed this year to design for many weddings and events - this spring was my biggest ever!  After all of this business (and sometimes craziness!) I needed a little break and a lot of inspiration.  I got a big dose of both!

The class was taught by both Holly Chapple and Francoise Weeks - I can't lie, I was a bit starstruck!  They are both amazing designers that I have been following for quite some time.  What a duo!  I learned...created...laughed...relaxed...and was truly inspired.

What a welcoming front door to greet me - I loved Holly's studio!

Holly and Franciose in action!

Let the designing begin!

Francoise introduced me to woodland designing. Here is my woodland centerpiece!

My woodland bouquet (loved using the European bouquet holder!)

My woodland headpiece (I think I smiled the whole time I designed this - so fun!).

My "Hollyish" bouquet!

What a great experience. I truly enjoyed meeting the other designers that attended the workshop and I am thrilled to now be a Chapel Designer!  I have been looking around my studio with "new eyes" after learning so much from Holly and Franciose!  Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart!