A Day in the Studio with Still-Life Photographer Liz Nemeth

[pinterest] I had the privilege to work with and observe Liz Nemeth, of Liz Nemeth Photography this past fall.  This is the first time I had the experience of collaborating with a still-life photographer.  Since the majority of my designs coincide with weddings, watching photographers on the go and constantly moving to capture the whole day is the norm.  With Liz, we were set up in the studio and I watched her experiment with different backdrops, angles, props etc.  It was fascinating!

Just to set the scene, I did not design anything too specific for Liz.  The shoot took place right before Thanksgiving and I was busy designing centerpieces for various clients.  Liz just grabbed things she liked from the work area to try (I love it that she liked my dirty old bottles!).  Every so often I would pop out to see what she was up to.  So fun!

Here are a few of the beauties from the shoot...

I can't wait to work with this incredible photographer again.  Mmmmmm, maybe a spring shoot?  My wheels keep turning!

Happy Saturday, Amy