Wedding Flowers at Spring House in Winston-Salem

Spring House Restaurant is such a lovely venue to celebrate a wedding!  While historic and stately, it is also such an inviting and comfortable space.  I enjoyed designing for this very sweet couple with such a beautiful space as a backdrop. ~Amy

Images by Amber Michelle Photography.

Summer Wedding Flowers in Winston-Salem, NC

This past summer we had the privilege to design for a lovely outdoor wedding at a beautiful family home in Winston-Salem.  The wedding took place in the morning with a brunch that followed at Forsyth Country Club.  While the weather the day before was wet and gloomy...the sun came out the morning of the wedding and shined down on their special day! 

The bride carried a cascading bouquet filled with garden roses, clematis, rosemary and jasmine.  The bridesmaids carried hand-tied bouquets with pops of dusty pink (Quicksand  and Keira roses) and plum (dahlias and scabiosa). 

The ceremony took place in the backyard of the family home.  A floral arch was created using 2 potted pin oak trees as the base.  The pots and trunks were covered with greenery and flowers to create a lush and tall arch that framed the ceremony location.

After the ceremony the celebration continued at the club.  The wedding party and guests danced under a floral chandelier that hung over the dance floor.  It was magical!

A big thank you to  Elly's Photography for the amazing images. 


Wedding Flowers | Forsyth Country Club | Highland Presbyterian | Winston-Salem, NC


As I prepare and plan for a wedding next weekend at Forsyth Country Club, I can't help looking back at this pretty spring wedding also at FCC.  This was a beautifully bright wedding.  From the bride's sweet smile to the enormous coral charm was a true delight!  Pumps me up for this coming weekend and many more at this wonderful venue.  Enjoy these beautiful images from Allison Khun Photography! Best, Amy

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A Day in the Studio, Amy Lynne Originals


What is a day in the Amy Lynne Originals studio like?  Well, lets just say that each day is different.  Different flowers.  Different designs.  Different people.  It is a very dynamic place.  Traci Arney (sweet friend and amazing photographer) recently spent an entire day with us.  She was there to capture it all - from the arrival of the flower truck, vase prep, designing, loading, delivering...pretty much everything.  While we did squeeze in head shots, a team shot, and other more planned poses, the bulk of the day was very similar to a design day at ALO.  

I had one goal in mind when we planned this day with Traci.  I wanted images that really reflect US.  Right now, when you look at our company (whether it is our existing website or on a social media platform) you see loads of flowers and a little bit of me.  What you don't see is the process, the team, and the joy we have creating.  With that being said, I did not do much to prepare for this day with Traci.  I did not make a bunch of pretty designs that I spent hours perfecting for her to shoot.  I did not prep vases or fill buckets with water.  Instead, we let the day unfold naturally.  We WORKED that day...and we worked hard.  And guess what?  It is not all pretty!  There were stems all over the floor, water spilled on the worktables, a Fed Ex delivery arrived, my dog (Moose) was running around, my phone was ringing, my husband stopped by, and I am sure we broke at least one vase - because that just happens!

Why did I reach out to Traci for this project?  Obviously, she is a badass photographer.  But, also I love how her images are edgy, fearless, and unexpected.  I strongly believe that ALO is also a bit edgy, fearless, and unexpected.  While we are well-trained in traditional design and love a variety of design styles, we also are always up for a challenge.  My heart starts really pumping when a client is looking for something a little different.  In our "about" section I say we are " fearless" - I am not suggesting that I don't have fear.  There is always a small amount of fear when doing something creative.  Harnessing this fear is when it gets good.  Overcoming fear and creating from the heart...that is what makes it fearless design.

A new website is in the works that will have lots of images from this beautiful day.  In the meantime, here is a little taste.

Many, many thanks to Traci and her assistant Evin.  Y'all went above and beyond! 

Many many thanks to my team.  I feel so blessed to have each of you!



Lavender Wedding Flowers in North Carolina


Mezza Luna Farms was the ideal location for a lavender inspired editorial shoot.  The mix of lavender fragrance from the fields and the softness of the designs was magical!   Michelle Wright Events added to the magic with their mad styling skills - so many amazing details!  It was all beautifully captured by Live View Studios and featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs!  


Mountain Wedding Flowers - Editorial Shoot


I LOVED designing for this colorful winter wedding mountain shoot.  With no color in the landscape, the florals really popped!  Loved all the rich fall hues.  See more images on Style Me Pretty - it was featured on their blog in February 2017.

Event: The Film Gathering
Photography: Live View Studios 
Organization: Live View Studios
Styling / Planning: Michelle Wright Events
Florals: Amy Lynne Originals
Furniture & Tableware: Greenhouse Picker Sisters
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Robe & Veils: Girl With A Serious Dream
Cake: Sugar Euphoria
Stationary + Stone Elements: Calligraphy by Carole
Dress Boutique: Fabulous Frocks Bridal
Dresses: Sarah Seven
Skirt: Sarah Janks
Candles: Yummi Candles
Rings: Trumpet & Horn
Jewelry: Lindsay Marie Design
Makeup: Micaela Formwalt / Shear Shakti
Hair: Charlotte at Shear Shakti
Fabric, Ribbon & Paper: Silk & Willow & Frou Frou Chic
Sponsored by Mastin Labs and The FIND Lab


A Look Back at 2015 -Wedding Flowers in Winston-Salem


Ok, I haven't blogged in a long time.  My apologies to anyone that follows along or stumbled on this blog.  Things get busy and I get forgetful - just life!  To make up for my lack of blogging, today I am sharing some of my favorite images of our designs from 2015.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of the loveliness we created in 2015 and check back in and see what's going in 2016!  

Thanks for stopping by,

Image by Liz Nemeth Photography

Image by Allison Khun Photography

Image by Timwell Photography

Image by Alexa's Photography

Image by Live View Studios

Image by Sara Logan Photography

Image by Live View Studios

Image by Live View Studios


Wedding Flowers in Hickory, NC


What a treat to design for this sweet Hickory wedding.  It was even sweeter for me since this is my hometown!

The flowers were a mix of deep jewel tones designed with a natural style.  We used garden roses, tulips, spray roses, antique hydrangea…and so much more (even some chocolate artichokes!).  The bride was so trusting and laid back…that made it even more fun.  I was given a little direction and then creative freedom - my favorite situation!

Probably the most interesting part of this wedding was that BOTH venues were under construction when I first met the clients.  I am sure this added a bit of stress, but I found it so exciting.  I was going to be one of the first to design for a wedding in both spaces.  The ceremony took place in in Grace Chapel on campus at Lenoir Rhyne University.  The word that comes to mind when I think of Grace Chapel is breathtaking!  

The reception was held at Moretz Mills - another new venue!  I could go on and on about the space.  The atmosphere was a mix of old and new.  It obviously had a warehouse feel to it since it was originally a hosiery mill.  But...the art, fixtures, and details gave it a contemporary twist.  I can't say enough about how cool this space is.  

Enjoy these amazing images by Julia Wade Photography.