Fresh Flowers for Valentines Day in Winston-Salem, NC


I am pumped – this is the first time our studio in West End is offering fresh designs for Valentines Day!  Of course, we are going to put our own twist on the holiday. 

I started with thinking about the meaning of Valentine’s Day.  It is all about LOVE – right?  Love is the most powerful force in our existence.  It is energy so strong it is only fitting it has its own holiday.

So, what fresh floral design is worthy of the most powerful energy in the universe?

This is what I came up with…

…noteworthy blooms (not just standard roses, but a flower your loved one might have to google to learn the name)

…interesting vessels (something worthy of reuse so more blooms can enjoy being nestled in it again)

…designs with a natural style that will surprise, delight, and spark conversation!

With all that being said, I now present our Valentine’s Day offerings (see below).  If you dig what you see, let us help you spread love this holiday with an ORIGINAL.  Order online at

“When words escape, flowers speak.”  ~Bruce Currie

Love and gratitude,


Your Valentine deserves flowers as unique as they are.  Order flowers here for delivery or to carry out!