Announcing ORIGINALS - Ordering Specialty Floral Designs in Winston-Salem

ALO has designed for events for over 10 years.  

I LOVE designing for weddings, and more recently designing for corporate events.  While our company is still deeply rooted in designing for the event world, we are now branching out to offer our community the ability to order single designs.

We named our new line of a la carte designs "Originals" because that is truly what they are.  We are not into dozen roses, balloons, or any cookie cutter type of design.  We are simply offering designs in our own unique style - Wild.  Natural.  Inspired.  

Check out some of our work below.  If you dig our style and want to order an "Original" give us a shout at 336-997-9443 or you can order online

We are excited to offer our beautiful and very artful city our creativity in the form of fresh floral designs.