A New Twist on the Traditional Corsage - Wearable Flowers in Winston-Salem, NC

Wrist corsages seem so outdated.  The itchy elastic band...the old school lace backing...the way they flop around on the wrist...and so on.  While over the years I have tried new ways to modernize the wrist corsage (i.e. make it more like a jewelry cuff), it is still a wrist corsage.

Also, over the years I have enjoyed watching the floral jewelry trend grow and change.  I particularly LOVE following the creations by Passionflower.  Her botanical jewelry, headpieces, and now floral tattoos are amazing!  She is a true talent and inspiration to designers everywhere!

I brainstormed how I can contribute to the modernization of the corsage with my own twist.  What I really want to offer my clients is something versatile and easy to wear.  I mean think about it...most corsages are ordered and given as a gift.  Wouldn't it be great if the person receiving it had easy options about how to wear it?

With all that being said, I came up with a bendable corsage.  It is a relatively thin corsage that is made on a piece of flexible flat wire.  The person wearing the corsage can bend it to fit wherever they want to wear it!  It can be wrapped around the wrist, arm, head, waist, even around a ponytail!  Check out these pictures and contact us if you interested in ordering!