A New Beginning and a Bittersweet Ending

My new beginning is coupled with a bittersweet ending. I am bursting with excitement as well as a strong sense of inner contentment as I make this announcement. 

 Following my heart and honoring my creative spirit led to the creation of Amy Lynne Originals and the Winston-Salem Flower School.  It has been an amazing ride!  For thirteen years I have had the privilege to design for many events.  For the past 3 years I have enjoyed teaching floral design. 

 My heart is now pulling me in a new direction that satisfies a passion sparked when I was young.  I have always held a love and fascination with horticulture.  I followed that passion and earned a BS in Horticulture from the University of Kentucky.  While my love of floral design outweighed my love of horticulture for years…the scales have now tipped!

 My family has acquired a piece of property in Stokes County.  With that acquisition came the realization it is time to move from a floral design operation to a growing operation.  I can’t wait to share more about this new endeavor as plans unfold!

Our land is located on the Dan River and is where our family and friends have enjoyed camping for many years. It is a place that holds special memories filled with joy and love. I can’t imagine a more perfect place to live and begin my new business endeavor.


 With all this being said, Amy Lynne Originals and the Winston-Salem Flower School will close on December 15, 2018.  While some may see this as an ending, I see it as a new beginning.  I am a flower junkie…floral design will forever remain a part of my life, just in new and different ways.  Stay tuned for information about our cut flower growing business as well as a book I will soon release regarding my floral design journey.

Please rest assured that if you have an event booked with us between now and 12/15/18, we are prepared to fill the order with the same beautiful designs and amazing service.  If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to call our studio 336-997-9443.  

  On another note, if there is someone out there that has imagined owning a floral design business, please reach out (336-997-9443).  While I am not sure the fate of my building or inventory, I would be delighted if it remained a floral design studio owned by a flower lover that also chases dreams.  Or, if you have a different dream that fits with an adorable little building in the heart of West End -  give a call too! 


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to so many colleagues, clients and friends that have supported my business for so many years.  I am so grateful. 

 Thank you and warm wishes,

Amy Lynne

Fresh Flowers for Pick-up or Delivery in Winston-Salem - We Are Now a Full Service Flower Shop


Amy Lynne Originals has grown and changed over the years. 

The business was born in 2005 designing for weddings only.  I added corporate events into the mix around 2009.  I opened the Winston-Salem Flower School in 2014.  Now we are offering single fresh floral designs we call "Originals" for pick-or delivery.

There is nothing quite like designing a fresh arrangement and watching it go out the door knowing it will brighten someone's day.  It is so refreshing and real! 

I still LOVE my weddings.  I still LOVE designing for corporate.  I still LOVE teaching for the Winston-Salem Flower School.  Adding daily orders as one of our offerings is just another way to keep it fresh and spread the love.

If you dig our wild, natural style and want some flowers for pick-up or delivery give us a call 336-997-9443 or you can order online

I would love design something special for you.

Many thanks~

"When words escape, flowers speak." ~ Bruce W. Currie


Fresh Flowers for Valentines Day in Winston-Salem, NC


I am pumped – this is the first time our studio in West End is offering fresh designs for Valentines Day!  Of course, we are going to put our own twist on the holiday. 

I started with thinking about the meaning of Valentine’s Day.  It is all about LOVE – right?  Love is the most powerful force in our existence.  It is energy so strong it is only fitting it has its own holiday.

So, what fresh floral design is worthy of the most powerful energy in the universe?

This is what I came up with…

…noteworthy blooms (not just standard roses, but a flower your loved one might have to google to learn the name)

…interesting vessels (something worthy of reuse so more blooms can enjoy being nestled in it again)

…designs with a natural style that will surprise, delight, and spark conversation!

With all that being said, I now present our Valentine’s Day offerings (see below).  If you dig what you see, let us help you spread love this holiday with an ORIGINAL.  Order online at www.amylynneoriginals.com/originals

“When words escape, flowers speak.”  ~Bruce Currie

Love and gratitude,


Your Valentine deserves flowers as unique as they are.  Order flowers here for delivery or to carry out!

NYE Wedding Reception, Greensboro Country Club

It was New Years Eve and a new beginning for a delightful bride and groom.  The reception was complete with a champagne tower and firework display!  

I was asked to construct these large floral designs to mimic white fireworks - in other words, an explosion of white blooms!  


Today, I am honored and delighted to share these beautiful images captured by Anna Paschal Photography.  Leigh Pearce Events did an amazing job pulling together this magical evening! 

I look back on this wedding so fondly and look forward to creating more floral expolsions 2018. 

Happy New Year!


A New Twist on the Traditional Corsage - Wearable Flowers in Winston-Salem, NC

Wrist corsages seem so outdated.  The itchy elastic band...the old school lace backing...the way they flop around on the wrist...and so on.  While over the years I have tried new ways to modernize the wrist corsage (i.e. make it more like a jewelry cuff), it is still a wrist corsage.

Also, over the years I have enjoyed watching the floral jewelry trend grow and change.  I particularly LOVE following the creations by Passionflower.  Her botanical jewelry, headpieces, and now floral tattoos are amazing!  She is a true talent and inspiration to designers everywhere!

I brainstormed how I can contribute to the modernization of the corsage with my own twist.  What I really want to offer my clients is something versatile and easy to wear.  I mean think about it...most corsages are ordered and given as a gift.  Wouldn't it be great if the person receiving it had easy options about how to wear it?

With all that being said, I came up with a bendable corsage.  It is a relatively thin corsage that is made on a piece of flexible flat wire.  The person wearing the corsage can bend it to fit wherever they want to wear it!  It can be wrapped around the wrist, arm, head, waist, even around a ponytail!  Check out these pictures and contact us if you interested in ordering!






Natural Fall Wreaths, Winston-Salem, NC

Fall is my favorite season.  At the beginning of autumn I love to jump in and design with all sorts of natural, dried elements.  Lotus pods, amber hops, kiwi vine, smilax canes, cotton, congo grass - these are just a few of the many elements I like to incorporate.  Here is a small sampling of a few of my first fall creations. 


Each is original and custom made. No two are alike.  Interested in purchasing? Just pop over to our studio to pick one out or call with a special order!

Cheers to autumn~

Announcing ORIGINALS - Ordering Specialty Floral Designs in Winston-Salem

ALO has designed for events for over 10 years.  

I LOVE designing for weddings, and more recently designing for corporate events.  While our company is still deeply rooted in designing for the event world, we are now branching out to offer our community the ability to order single designs.

We named our new line of a la carte designs "Originals" because that is truly what they are.  We are not into dozen roses, balloons, or any cookie cutter type of design.  We are simply offering designs in our own unique style - Wild.  Natural.  Inspired.  

Check out some of our work below.  If you dig our style and want to order an "Original" give us a shout at 336-997-9443 or you can order online amylynneoriginals.com/originals

We are excited to offer our beautiful and very artful city our creativity in the form of fresh floral designs.