What makes an Amy Lynne Original, an original?

Lush florals mixed with wild greenery and composed with texture, movement, and unrestrained creativity.  It is a deep-rooted passion to bring to life the most unexpectedly, original designs.


For me the love of flowers runs deep. 

Into the soil and down to the seed.  It's getting my hands dirty and cultivating my own blooms.  Something I have been doing since I was 17, thanks to a part-time gig at a local florist shop with a greenhouse next-door that ultimately drew me in.  It was that unassuming job that fueled my passion and direction.

A passion which eventually led to a degree in Horticulture.  And a Masters in Agriculture.  

I was in love with plants and the science of it all, but found that when I wasn't in class, I was in a florist shop, designing.  At first it was fallback work to pay the bills.  But, then it became a full-on obsession.  I just couldn't shake that creative itch

Along the way there was a colorful time at Disney.  

Working for The Walt Disney World Florist and Grand Floridian Florist to be exact, where the uniforms were lame but the design work was anything but.  Through the years and all of the twists and turns of jobs, marriage, kids, and moves, I realized deep inside that designing, in my own free form, organic, unconventional way, is what truly fuels me.

So when I returned home to North Carolina I took the leap to open Amy Lynne Originals.  More than ten years later that decision- and this gift I call work- still gives me so much energy and joy.   


IMG_4875 (1).jpg

Like when I see the light in a bride's eye when she sees her bouquet for the first time.

And she gushes it's more beautiful that she ever imagined.  Or the way guests emotionally react to a space that is now alive with full blooms.  It is the joy of leading workshops and teaching nature-loving students how they can find inspiration and gather materials right in their backyards. (Something I have been known to do for clients I love!).  And those wildly inspired moments when our flower school members pick up their handpicked buckets of vibrant flora branches with such genuine delight...

Sometimes I can't believe this is my life, forever flower-strewn, filled with natural beauty in an adorable studio full of natural light.  

A life shared with a growing team that makes our clients lives (and mine!) more beautiful and brighter each day.  I hope you do visit us to experience what our clients have called "magic".  At Amy Lynne Originals, flowers are life.  Come let your spirit, bloom.